Latest updates to know more about British Airways Hand Baggage Allowance

Have a superb trip with British Airways:

British Airways provide services to a number of passengers. It helps the passengers to travel to distant places without facing any issues and troubles. The airline has become one of the most popular airlines because of the services offered by British Airways.

The airline has a huge fleet size. It provides its services to 183 destinations. The headquarters of the airlines are situated at Waterside in Harmondsworth, United Kingdom.  

Detailed information about the British Airways Hand Baggage Allowance:

Listed below are some of the important points regarding the baggage policy of British Airways, These terms and conditions must be fulfilled so that the passengers may be able to carry their baggage. In case if the passengers face some issues or any problem, then they can contact British Airways Customer Service for availing instant assistance to get the issues resolved.

  • Hand Baggage allowance must not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Moreover the small items must not be bigger than 40cm x 30cm x 15cm in size.
  • Each item can weigh up to 23kg each.
  • The bags of the user must fit into the baggage gauge at check-in (including handles, pockets and wheels).
  • The weight limit set as per the policy, applies to each bag. The passengers cannot split the total weight across multiple bags.
  • The users must able to lift the bags into the overhead locker by themselves.
  • The size of the handbag or laptop as used by the user is guaranteed to travel in the cabin.
  • On busy flights, the passengers may be asked to check in additional cabin bag, so that they make sure that the passengers have no valuables or essential medication packed in their bags.
  •  If the passengers carry more items other than their free allowance then the extra bags of the user will be checked into the hold.
  • The passengers may be charged for an extra bag if they are over the checked baggage allowance. This extra baggage allowance will be  added to the checked baggage allowance

 These are some of the key points of hand baggage allowance of British Airways. The users may contact the executives of British Airways if there are certain issues or problems that the user might be facing.

How to contact the executives of British Airways?

The passengers may dial British Airways Phone Number for talking to the executives of British Airways who will assist the users when they get stuck in some issues. These executives will listen to the issues and thus provide the right assistance.

Apply this unique set of instructions to get rid of Norton Error: 3035, 6

Keep your system safe by installing Norton Antivirus:

A group of software that helps to keep the system safe from the external attacks of the harmful malware, viruses and spams is known as an Antivirus. Norton Antivirus is one of these antiviruses that help to keep the system safe from the external attacks of the malware that may affect the internal working of the computer system.

What is Norton 3035, 6 Error?

When Norton Internet Security is running, then during the Windows Startup or shutdown or even during the installation of the Windows Operating System, there can occur an error. This error is called as Norton Error: 3035, 6.

How to fix Norton error 3035, 6?

The users may follow the steps listed below in order to know how the users can fix “Norton error 3035, 6”. All the steps are listed and explained in a proper and simple manner. The users may contact Norton Customer Service for availing help to fix the issues and the glitches that may cause issue for the users.

  • The users may start Norton.
  • Then in the main window, the users may click on the Security option.
  • The users may then click on the Live Update.
  • When Norton Live Update is finished, the users may click on the OK option.
  • Thereafter the user needs to run Live Update until the user sees the message, "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates."
  • Finally the user needs to exit all the programs and then finally the user needs to restart the computer.
  • The users may download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • The user may save the file to the Windows desktop.
  • Afterwards, the user may click on the Remove & Reinstall option.
  • The users may click on the Continue or Remove option and then on the restart now option.
  • Once the computer restarts, the user will see that the user has successfully fix Norton Error 3035, 6.

The above stated steps will assist the users in resolving and fixing “Norton error 3035, 6. The users may contact the technical experts if they face some issues or get stuck in any step.

Fetch instant help and assistance from the technical experts to fix the issues:

If the passengers face some issues, then they may dial Norton Customer Service Number for speaking to the technical experts to get the issues resolved instantly. All the steps provided by the users to fix Norton Error 3035, 6 are well presented in a simple language that can be easily implemented to fix Norton error 3035, 6.  Each step of the solution is well explained in detail.

Fix the issue of Google Play Services from stopping by following this simple and easy solution

More about Google Play:

Google Play is one of the most commonly used services offered by Google. It allows the users to download different apps that can be accessed by the users of Google. The unique features embedded in the Google Play Store makes it easy for the users to access the apps downloaded from the Google Play Store.

What are the ways by which the users may fix the issue of Google Play Service from stopping?

The users of the Google Play Store may follow the steps listed below in order to know how can the users may fix the issue of Google Play Store services from stopping. All the steps are easy and can be easily implied by following the steps listed below. The users may dial Google Support Number in order to fix the issue faced. All the steps of the solution are explained in a simple and lucid manner which can help the users in resolving the issue in a quick manner.


  • The users may reboot their Android device in order to fix the error.
  • The users may update the services of the Google Play services app which may help to fix the issue of Google Play Service from stopping.
  • The users may clear the Google Play services app cache.
  • Also the users may disable the Google Play services in order to fix the issue.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Play services updates may help to fix the issue.
  • The users may wipe the device cache in order to fix the issue of Google Play Store not stopping.
  • By using the Play Services Fix Info app, the users may be able to fix the issue of Google Play Store.


By implementing the steps listed above, the users will be able to resolve the issue of Google Play Store form stopping. All the step provided are explained in a proper and well structured manner so that the users may be able to execute all the steps in a fast manner.

Talk to the technical executives and thus get the issues resolved:

Whenever the users face any issue, the users may contact Google Customer Service in order to talk to the technical executives for getting the issues resolved. All these steps will help the users in resolving the issues faced by the users. The experts are well qualified and they possess a lot of skills and knowledge that helps them to fix the issues quickly.

How to download Norton on Windows 8.1?

Norton Security software is one of the leading antiviruses throughout the world. As it provides all-round protection to your PC, Mobile, laptop etc. and keep the device healthy. IT also takes care of your sensitive data stored in your device and maintains the secrecy of your personal data and online privacy. So to keep a PC secure one should have Norton in the PC. If you don't have Norton on your computer and want to install it on your device, then you should follow the mentioned steps.

How to download and install the Norton Security software on Windows 8.1?

To download the Norton all you need is following these outlined instructions:

  • In the first place, you need to open the 'Store' from the Start menu where you need to search Norton Antivirus.
  • Or else, you can navigate to
  • Then you will see a number of results you need to choose the appropriate one.
  • After that, you need to click on the Install option in order to install the Norton your Windows 8.1.
  • It will install on the device automatically and you can open the Norton on your device.
  • And then click on the Satellite option and you can drag a file you want to scan and drop it in the Scan a file field.
  • It will scan and show you the potential threats attached to that particular file. In addition, you can run a full scan for your device it will be done in a while.


Moreover, if you find any kind of trouble in install the Norton on Windows 8.1 and you are not able to tackle it. Then you contact to help where you will get a complete solution to your all queries.

In addition, there is a helpline number that will help to resolve your each and every issue with the Norton Security software. All you need to dial Norton Customer service phone number and you will get an assured solution. And the solution will be provided to you within the least possible time. 

How can I book a flight ticket with Frontier Airlines?

Booking a flight with Frontier Airlines is just a matter of a few clicks on your computer, as the Frontier Airlines has made the task of booking flight even easier. You can book your flight either by going to its official website or by making a phone call on Frontier airlines customer service number. Though the steps are simple and easy to execute people face some issue while booking a flight online. If you also feel so then simply follow the outlined steps:-

How to book flight tickets with Frontier Airlines?

  • As you go to the Frontier Airlines' official website you will see the option to book a flight with the airline.
  • Then you need to click on the Book a Flight tab where you have to click choose the flight type, for example, one way.
  • After that, you need to select the departure city and arrival city.
  • Further you have to enter the dates of arrival and departure.
  • Then enter the total number of passengers and if you have any coupon you can use it and click on the search button.
  • In addition, you will see a number of flights available for you to travel to your destinations.
  • Then you will need to fill in the details and choose the seat placements.
  • Next, you have to complete the payment process and as you complete the payment step you are done with the booking procedure.

With these simple steps, you will be able to book your flight with Frontier Airlines without much of a stretch. Besides, if you face any issue in booking the flight with the airline you can contact Frontier airlines customer service, where you will get a complete and assured support. 

Set up your new Google pixel phone:

If you want to set up your new Google pixel phone then you can start it either by transferring all the data from the old one or by skipping the transferring and starting as a fresh device. You can take assistance from the service agent by calling on Google pixel phone number and you can get the suitable guidance from there.

Set up your pixel phone without transferring the data from the current phone:

If you want to set your new Google pixel phone without storing any data from the old device or you are setting your first phone then go through the following steps:

  • Turn on your phone and click on the START button.
  • Select TAP AS A NEW button and click on it.

After clicking, you will be skipped to restore the data from your old device and you can start your phone as a fresh.

How to set up your pixel phone by transferring the data from your old device:

It is always a good practice to store the data from your old phone which is no more in use to your current phone. You can set up your pixel phone by transferring the data to it. Go through the following steps:

  • Turn on your phone and allow transferring the data from your old device.

Follow the on screen instructions to restore the information.

Accidentally, if you skip the transferring of data then you can follow the following steps:

  • Within a few minutes of turning on, you will get a notification of “pixel set up is not done”. Click on the FINISH SETUP button.
  • If you have not restored your data for few days, then you can open your settings app and click on FINISH SET UP.

If you are facing any trouble while setting your Google pixel phone then you can contact the Google pixel customer service to avail any type of help from the expert technical assistant. They are always competent to help you and resolve your issue, round the clock.



Can I bring a carry on Delta basic economy?

Airlines are one of fastest, simplest and reliable mode of transportation. There are plenty of transportation medium available in the world but none can match the luxury and superiority of the Airlines. With rapid development in the field of the Airlines, we have seen a major increase in the size and luxurious space of the Airlines. There are plenty of airlines in the world which help us to connect with various parts of the world. There is numerous numbers of airlines operating in different regions of the world. One such airline which is quite popular in America and across the world is Delta Airlines. Delta customer service chat will help you in providing assistance to any kind of query or problem.

Delta Airlines is one of the leading airlines of the world with having tenth position in terms of revenue. The airlines covers major destination across the world apart from the 350 destination and having a fleet size of 800. The airline is known for the quality service to their customer whether in terms of facilities as well as services. A delta airline is known to provide extra facilities in form of extra legroom, seating arrangement as well as food and catering services. But sometimes user does have certain queries while traveling through it, like baggage policy, fooding and catering services and so forth. One of the common concerns of the travelers is regarding is whether they can bring a carry on Delta basic economy. User can take the help of customer service or follow their baggage policy to clear all your doubts regarding baggage policy.

  • In order to do know specific about the Delta airlines carry bag policy, User needs to go to their website.
  • Then further click on the baggage policy or carry on policy.
  • User will get all the details regarding the baggage policy and what will be the weightage one should carry while traveling with the Delta Airlines.
  • Generally Delta Airlines does allow basic economy luggage or atleast a carry while traveling through them.

For Further information or guideline about the airline policy, user can directly call at the Delta airlines customer service number. They have a well experienced qualified customer service which will make sure that whatever be the concerns must be noted down properly and immediate solution should be provided to them in no time.