Don't know how to add Virgin Airlines boarding pass to the wallet? Give a read to it:

Virgin Airlines is known as one of the superb American Airlines brand and British travel agencies with its surprising head office in Australia of which headquarter is located at San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as a smaller focus city operation at love field in Dallas. It is the best choice for the passengers for making a plan for traveling. 

Along with this, Virgin Airlines offers a booking service and the option to save your boarding card on your Apple device pretty simply. If you are not able to get the boarding pass easily, contact travel agent from Virgin Airlines customer service where you can get the simple and instant advice to get the boarding pass easily. 

But if you have entered the mobile phone number you can get all the information related to your boarding pass. And through this, check it in online and saving your boarding pass on your phone, you don't need any print-outs at the airport as you have its number.


Here are the ways on how to add Virgin Airlines boarding pass to a wallet: 

  • Go to Virgin Airlines website and click the link to your boarding pass to open on your iPhone device.
  • You can see another window pop-up asking you to add your boarding to your passbook.
  • A simple click and add your boarding pass that will be stored in your passbook. 
  • A message will appear on your mobile phone screen which means your boarding is now stored to board your flight. 

For another journey, you don't have to stick to a mobile phone to check out the boarding passbook message as it is valid for five to ten flight journeys. But if you did not get the message and looking for the information for the message related to the boarding pass then dial Virgin Airlines customer service phone number that is available at every single of time to get the proper advice related to the boarding pass from a travel agent in no time. 

How do I get my boarding pass for Alaska Airlines?

As a traveler we love to explore the new regions as well as find new territory. There are numerous numbers of locations in the world which are known for their tremendous beauty and exotic nature. To reach to their destination, there are various modes as well as medium through which we can explore the different location. One such medium which allow us to explore the different parts of the world is Airlines. An airline is the fastest, cheapest and safest mode of transportation. One such prominent regional airline in the world is Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines is one of the major and most popular regional airlines in the world which helps in connecting the major parts of the world. The airlines cover more than 118 destinations with a fleet size of more than 313. It provides three class of services like first class, business class and economy class.  It provides all the three class of services i.e. Business, economy and first class. But sometimes user does faces problem regarding how I get my boarding pass for Alaska Airlines. User can take the assistance from the Alaska airlines customer service or follow this simple procedure to resolve the issue on time.

  • Go to the Alaska Airlines website and click on online check in.
  • Then enter your reservation as well as confirmation code.
  • And then user needs to click on e ticket number.
  • Further proceeds with the payment procedures.
  • Again select the travelers that you need to check in.
  • Now click on the continue button.
  • Afterwards verify you itinerary and then click on Continue.
  • Further print a boarding pass for every passenger.

In case, if you ever face problem regarding the boarding pass or any another problem, then user can take the assistance from their Alaska Airlines Phone Number, they have a well supported customer service which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolve on immediate basis. They work 24*7/365 days to help resolve the issue on time.

What needs to be done when Microsoft internet explorer is unable to respond!

Internet explorer is the default browser for windows operating system. It provides fantastic features to its user. But there might be possibility you may face some issues with it. If you are working with Internet explorer then you need to follow given below steps:

You will have to close the unresponsive Internet explorer.

  • For this you will have to click on the top right corner .If window does not close then you need to force quit Internet explorer. After that you are required to open the start option, go to the run and type task manager.
  • After that you will be move to the Desktop manager.
  • Now you need to open the task manager program from where you can force Internet explorer to close.
  • You will have to click on the process option which will show in the left side of the task manager.
  • You need to click on the Internet explorer then you will have to click on the end task option.

With the help of Detecting Toolbars:

  • Go to the desktop and select Internet explorer.
  • You will have to remove third party toolbars from your browser which can be crash, if there is too much program running.
  • If still Internet explorer is not running then you will have to reset Internet explorer.
  • Now go to the settings option and select manage add-ons.
  • Here you will have to click on the toolbars and extensions option.
  • Then you need to select a toolbar which you want to remove.
  • Here you will have to disable this option.

If still you are facing any issue with Internet explorer then you do not need to be more panic ,just need to follow the given below steps. These steps will help you to rectify your issue.

  • You may reset Internet explorer. For this, go to the Internet option in to start.
  • Here you need to click on the advanced option then scroll down the mouse.
  • Now select the reset option.
  • You will have to check the Delete Personal settings” box. You need to check all the files which are corrupted have been deleted. You will have to click on the close option when induced.

If still Internet explorer is not responding then you need to go to the Internet explorer download page. If you are not using latest version of Internet explorer then you will have to update it with latest version. You will have to choose your language. After that you are required to select operating system .You will have to double click on the Internet explorer icon. Then you need to click on the yes if induced. You are required to follow the onscreen instructions. Finally click on the finish option.

How to fix Google chrome not responding issue on start?

Are you a frequent internet user? Then you must be aware about the Google chrome. Google chrome is one of the leading and most popular web browsers in the world. Its popularity can be access from that it has more than 50% of the market share. It is the product of the Google; hence trust comes by part of it. It provides the most user friendly, reliable and smooth web browsing experience compares to other web browser. Apart from browsing experience it does provides a host range of services like searching in incognito mode, exact precision of the result as well as feature of bookmarking a particular website. It also provides extra extension to various tools which help them listening to music, video and addition of other services. But sometimes user doe face problem one of the common problem user faces is Google chrome not working Issue. User can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedures:

  • First of all, go to local state file or the files which hold custom settings.
  • Try to delete the local state file.
  • Now afterwards close the Google chrome and then open other web browser such as bing or Internet explorer.
  • Then open the Google chrome and if it’s successful then great otherwise.
  • Try changing the default folder name which has all the extension by typing %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data into chrome or Internet explorer browser.
  • After you file the default folder try to rename it as per one choice.
  • Also check whether flash extension is not causing any problem.
  • Open the chrome and they type about:plugins in your address bar.
  • Now afterwards try to find flash and click on Disable.
  • Restart The chrome and test.

In case if either of the possible solution doesn’t work and still Google chrome not responding then it’s better to take the help from the technical support team. They have a well skilled technical expert team which are well versed in their domains and have tons of understanding to fix the issue on time. They work 24*7/365 days in order to fix the issue on time to resolve all your queries.

How Can You Efficiently Use JetBlue Gift Cards?

A JetBlue airway is the low cost carrier of America and it has been concluded as the six largest airways. It flies to around one hundred one destination that involves both national and international destinations. This airline has its headquarters in Long Island city, New York city and United States. People who want to experience a better journey; they can select the option of JetBlue.

How can you get reservations for JetBlue airlines?

It is really for you to get reservations for JetBlue airlines. For that, individual needs to go through certain guidelines:

  • Individual should first click the booking link of JetBlue airlines
  • You can select desired options from the available lists like round trip, one-way or multiple cities
  • It is now need to enter destinations with dates to travel
  • User should now look into the “Flight” section
  • You may now see the flight times with date and time, there is need to choose applicable option
  • Individual should now do the payment and before that payment policy needs to viewed carefully
  • It is now need to enter card details carefully and select “Purchase” button
  • Select the seats and the reservation with JetBlue airlines has got complete

 There are number of people who still need help for the discussed booking process, it is required to take assistance of customer support team in such conditions. When you customer service agents, they will listen to you and provide guidelines to solve your issue. Not only the above discussed problem but other can also be solved effectively. It is ensured to all JetBlue users that they will never face disappointment at any point of time.

How to use JetBlue gift cards?

It starts with the number six and prepaid credit cards are easily acceptable forms of payment and can be used as a normal credit card. If you want to check balance of JetBlue Gift Card, you can talk to a TrueBlue crew member. You can easily use JetBlue Gift Cards which can be redeemed easily but it can’t be used for JetBlue Vacations packages, group bookings and interline bookings. For more information, it will always better if you contact customer service agents by using JetBlue phone number.


Setup your email on android device with the given process!!

If the user's of Bellsouth email account is willing to setup their account on their android mobile devices then for this they need to follow the below mentioned steps. Also the user can get help from the Bellsouth customer service for this topic and can seek assistance from them.


  • First of all the android user is supposed to go to their mail application on their device.
  • Then, from there they are required to select on the settings menu.
  • In the settings menu they’ll get an option namely add a new email account. The user needs to select on it.
  • After this the user is needed to select on IMAP server settings and should enter the following details.

-user is supposed to enter their correct AT&T email address in the given space.

-also the account password needs to be entered.

  • Once these details have been entered, the user is required to click on manual set up option and should proceed to the next step.
  • Now go to the incoming mail screen and enter the following information :

-in the username enter the Bellsouth email address.

-in the password option enter the account password.

-in the incoming mail server enter

-in the incoming port 993 should be entered with the security type as SSL.

  • Once done, the user needs to select on next.
  • The user then need to go to the outgoing mail server option and should enter the following:

-in the outgoing mail server should be entered.

-in the outgoing port 465 should be entered with the security type as SSL.

  • Go to the authorization option and enter yes.
  • Again the user needs to enter their username and their password in the given space.
  • Select on next and hence the Bellsouth email account is set up on the android device.

Therefore, these are the configuration details that the user need to process so as to setup their Bellsouth email account on their android device. The steps mentioned above needs to be followed in the correct way so that no issue is yet again faced by the user.

Besides, if there is any issue that the user come across while accessing these steps, then they can simply contact on the Bellsouth support number and can talk with the concerned representatives. The respective number is available all day long and can be called whenever the user faces any problem.

What is the Baggage Policy of American Airlines?

Packed your baggage and going to fly on American Airlines? But before that, you should know the Baggage Policy of this Airline; otherwise, your journey will be in misery. Being the prominent Airlines in the World, American Airlines kept the entire system user-friendly and Baggage Policy goes under a similar classification. The rundown of the same is given beneath.

Baggage Policy of American Airlines

 American Airlines categorized the Baggage policy in subclasses, for example, Carry-on Baggage, Checked Baggage and Overweight things. The arrangement of the same is said underneath with the charges.


Carry-on Baggage

  • Carry-on Bags are free of cost and the voyagers can bear one carry-on bags and one personal item, for example, satchel, Laptop, or other.
  • The extent of the Bag ought to be 45 inches.
  • Different assets, for example, Jackets, umbrella, walkers don't rely on the carry-on bags


Checked Baggage

  • For checked bags, the voyagers need to pay the sum for each pack. The sum, shifts according to the destination.
  • For domestic travel, the first pack will cost $25, second sack will cost $35, and third sack will cost $150 and impressively more.
  • The size of the sack ought to be 62 inches and weight ought to be 50 lbs.


Excess baggage policy

In case, if your pack size or weight surpasses according to the necessity, at that point you should pay certain charges.

For more details, you may dial on American Airlines customer service number. The Airlines group will give the complete information of the Baggage policy. Aside from that, you can gather other fruitful information from them which can be valuable for you, for example, Check-in procedure, cancellation strategy and significantly more. The number is Toll-Free and open 24*7.