All that you have to do in order to deal with the voice recognition issue of Google

Google Company has a number of amazing products as well as services under its umbrella; the products are just the amazing one, which everyone appreciates for the out of box services. So just in case you are using any of the Google service or the products then you must know that you are using the best service in the market as it rarely has any competition for its products.

If you are using the Google browser, which is used all over the world for the searching purpose then you must know that you can easily set the voice recognition for it and can use it in both mode i.e. the online as well as the offline mode.

Now just in case you are still thinking about the ways to set it in offline mode or to deal with the issue of Google voice search not workingthen you have to simply follow the steps written below:-

  • At the very first step you have to open the Google browser and then you have to select the language i.e. English U.S.
  • And then you have to simply open the Google now and there you have to move ahead to the settings option.
  • Once you are done with it then you have to tap on the voice option, after that you will see an option of the offline speech recognition.
  • You just need to tap on it; here you have to note one thing that you have to update the English US as the language.
  • After doing so you will see that the Google offline has started working now and here you can easily turn on or off the flashlights, schedule alarms etc in the offline mode easily.

So you just have to follow all the steps written above and have to make sure that this feature of the Google voice only works if you select the English US as the language else it will not work so pay attention to the language while selecting it. As you do these things you will easily be able to resolve the issue of the Google voice not working in just few minutes. So never hesitate to get the help from net or from any other person if you are facing nay form of issues since that will only waste your time. Taking the help from the experts of the company is also available so do those without delay.

How to manage a seat in Emirates flight?

Emirates, the largest airline in the Middle East and fourth largest airline (by scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers flown) in the world, is wholly owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation. The Dubai based airline is engaged in operating over 3,500 flights per week from Dubai International Airport, to 81 countries across six continents. The airline which is backed by Emirates customer service enables its domestic and international passengers to manage their seats without any hassles. Follow our steps if you are willing to manage your seat. We will be talking about the easiest way to manage a seat in Emirates flight.

  • Open your web browser
  • Type in it
  • Press the Enter key
  • The Manage your booking page will open
  • Enter your last name
  • Enter your booking reference – you will find the booking reference on your ticket
  • Click on the Retrieve Booking icon
  • It will allow you o manage your booking

Are you a First Class or Business Class passenger? If yes, you don’t need to pay for seat selection or change. You are open to select a regular or a preferred seat through Manage without any extra charge if you are travelling in Economy Class on a Flex fare. But yes, you will have to pay an amount if you have preferred Upper Deck on A380. There will be a charge for seat selection if you are travelling in Economy Class on a Saver or Special Fare. To make the job easier, you can make the use of Seat Selection tool. You can dial Emirates customer service number if you need any more information about the ticket management. 


Have a proper advice for premium economy of Lufthansa Airlines and how to get it simply

Lufthansa Airlines is known as the largest German Airlines. It is also associated with the Deutsche Lufthansa which is combined with its subsidiaries and even the largest hub in Europe in both terms of fleet size and passengers carried during the starting time. When it comes it’s headquarter is associated in the different cities of Europe providing special service to book and cancel international flight ticket online. It is offering considerably splendid facilities in terms of booking ticket in the selected class.

What is exactly Premium Economy flight in Lufthansa Airlines?

If you are willing to travel in Premium Economy, you can feel it overrated and can go for a good rest on your long-haul flight service especially. A convenient flight service can offer you long-lasting rest while your travel is on and this could be possible in the Premium Economy.  Typically Premium Economy is found mostly on international flights and compared to Standard Economy offers about 5-7 inches of extra legroom as well as additional amenities including 1-2 extra inches seats with 2-4 inches seat recline, adjustable headrests, largest and much more.

How to get Premium Economy in Lufthansa Airlines?

These all above-mentioned facilities are possible in the PE of LA that might be obtained in Lufthansa customer service center that is available at every point of the time and providing all necessary information related to the flight ticket and its other services easily.

Following are the points leading you to receive Premium Economy easily:

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines and select my tip tab.
  • Press log in button and enter the correct email or username and password to access.
  • Select Premium Economy and click on the point’s button to redeem advanced facilities providing by the premium Economy.
  • You will everything fine like the special seat, meal, gaming point, entertainment zone and much more.
  • You have to select cheap ticket button and select the amount for what you are affordable to pay.
  • Enter the amount into the relevant field and press internet banking option and enter the credentials.
  • Simply access to the internet banking service and enter the code that you have received on your mobile phone.
  • Pay the amount simply and press save button or email Premium Economy ticket with the Lufthansa Airlines with ease.

For more help and suggestions, you are always free to make a call at Lufthansa customer service number, is available at all day and night to offer relevant assistance and information to all passengers at a time.  

Get one stop solution to set up Cox business email on iPhone

How to set up Cox business email on iPhone?

You must be accessing all your business emails through Cox. So, why not simplify your lives by setting up the same, on your mobile device such as iPhone? By doing this users can anytime access the services of their email account from any part of the world. All the users simply need is a sound internet connection and get the setup done in an effective manner. In order to setup the Cox business email users can either contact Cox customer service where some of the best technicians in the market will offer assistance to get the setup done in an effective manner. There is also an alternative through which users can get the setup done. This mode is known as the manual procedure which will need to be self performed by the users at any point of time in order to get the set up process done in a legit and effective manner. So users can think as to which mode suits them the best and then follow the procedure accordingly to get one stop solution for the issue at any point of time without any sort of hesitation.

Steps to set up Cox business email on iPhone:

Step 1: Users can firstly open their iPhone and then they will need to tap on the Settings app on their respective device.

Step 2: Once that has been done in a legit manner then users can simply tap on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars and then on Accounts and once done then tap on Add Account.

Step 3: Users can now choose Other from the list of available options and then they can enter their Cox business email account details and tap on Next.

Step 4: Users can now sync the other services that they would like to have with their Cox business email account and then they can tap on Save which is available on the top right corner of the screen of their device.

Step 5: Finally users can send Test mails in order to check if the mail services are working in an effective manner.

Did the setup process just failed for you?

In case the setup process failed for you then don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the qualified technicians. They are available all through the year only by dialing the 24/7 Cox customer service number. They have different modes of assistance like remote, onsite, and live chat and mail support through which they can offer one stop solution for the issue.

Need to Make your Reservations in Allegiant Airlines Call on Allegiant Air Phone Number

Allegiant Airlines is a low cost flight headquartered in Las Vegas, US. It operates scheduled and charter flights. With the basic package like free hand bag, the Allegiant Airlines offers the easy access to your flight status and offers in-flight refreshments and services on paid package.

You can make your Allegiant Airlines Reservations through following steps:

  • Go to official website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • On the home-page you can see the option of Book Trip.
  • In the Book-trip option, enter the details.
  • If you need to make a round trip then check Round Trip or click on One way.
  • Then click on Search option.
  • If the flight is available for the date that you entered it will take you to the next page to proceed with the making reservations.
  • Otherwise, you need to choose from the available dates.

You can also make changes to your flight date by paying nominal charges. However one needs to check that changes and cancellation must be completed at least 7 days or more prior to scheduled departure.

For more information and if you need to make reservations you can call on Allegiant Air Phone Number. One of the customer care executives will help you out to get through the reservations. The customer care executives of Allegiant Airlines are very assistive, adept, and professional and treat the customers with regard. The customer care executives of Allegiant Airlines are available 24/7 and you can call them anytime and get your reservations done! 

How Can I Renew My Norton Internet Security For Free?

Norton is one of the leading antivirus programs that are very popular among the billions of users for its high-rated security features. It protects your computer against various viruses, spam, and malware. Users can easily access Norton on various computer and Smartphone. Norton is best known for its best in class virus removal features. In order to run Norton working continuously, users will need to renewal Norton antivirus to enjoy the latest updates and bug fixes.

Do you want to renew your Norton antivirus? But don’t have any information about the renewal process? Then don’t think too much about that. Simply read this article and follow the mentioned instructions.

Here are the simple steps to renew Norton Internet Security:

  • First of all, open your Norton Internet Security on your computer and then click on Subscription icon.
  • Now choose Renew under the Subscription.
  • Click on Renew My Subscription. And make sure that your computer is properly connected to the internet.
  • Now a new page will open and then apply the on-screen instructions to renew your Norton product.
  • After completion, exit the current opening window.
  • Now Symantec Renewal window will pop-up and then follow the instructions to complete the renewal procedure. If you want to download all the available updates for your Norton product, then you need to run Live Update.
  • Restart your computer to finish the procedure of Norton antivirus renewal.

Finally, your Norton antivirus has been successfully renewed. And you can easily follow the above mentioned Norton setup instructions whenever you need to renew your Norton Internet Security. These steps are very easy to follow. If you face any kind of difficulty, then you contact Norton support team and get an effective assistance.

What Is the Procedure to Check in With Emirates Airlines?

An emirate is the fourth largest airline which is based in Dubai. This airline is famous and is owned by the government of Dubai. It is operating thirty six hundred flights weekly. The number of destinations it serves is around one hundred forty. Its operations have been spread over the six continents. Its service is elegant and you will enjoy the whole journey. If you have plans to go on a holiday, this can be your best chance to go for this airline.

How can you check-in with Emirates airlines?

It is really easy to do check in with Emirates. Here, you can see certain guidelines for that:-

Individual can check in within 1.5-24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

It is easy for the passengers to depart from an airport that allows online check-in.

Passenger can print an e-Boarding Pass if you want to go for online Check-in and departing from one of the airport.

What is the baggage policy of Emirates airlines?

Every airline has some policy to carry on the luggage items. If you have your personal item, the maximum weight that you can carry will be around 7kg.If you have the check in luggage, the maximum weight will be of 23kg. The size of the bag shouldn’t be more than 62 inch. If you carry the weight, more than the standard one, you will be charged with additional fee. If you need detailed information, there is need to use Emirates airlines phone number.

How can you do reservation with Emirates airlines?

It is quite easy to have reservation with these Emirates airways. You need to go to the reservation link of Emirates and should look into the “Flight” section. After you go into the section of flight, you can look to the lists. Details of passengers need to be entered, and should complete the payment process. When you do the payment, seat selection needs to be done. Now, the process of reservation needs to be completed.