Some interesting facts of JetBlue airlines

JetBlue Airlines is the American low cost airline carrier and is also one of the high-rated airlines in the states. The airline is providing all different types of superior flight services that will make your journey a memorable one. Why spend extra amount when you will get the world-class travel opportunity at a very low rate.

JetBlue airline is providing easy option to book instant flight tickets. Contact JetBlue customer service to book easy flying tickets. The luggage policy of the airline is also top-class and this article will provide detailed information about the airline policies.

Here are some important details of the airline luggage policy –

  1. JetBlue is providing a fare option that includes different numbers of checked bags. It will charge some extra money more for checked bags that exceed 62” (157.48 cm) in overall dimension which includes wheels & handles.
  2. The first checked baggage will cost $25 and the second one will cost $35 for Blue fares.
  3. 2 checked bags up to 70 pounds each are included for Mint Plus.
  4. Any additional bag will cost $100 each for all fares.

The travelers can indicate the number of bags that are carried in the journey and also pay the applicable fees during the check-in process within 24 hours of the fight departure. It is also recommended to check-in online or at one of the JetBlue airport kiosks. There is no difference in fees while checking-in online.

There are also other different travel features provided by the airline. Make sure that you book the ticket online to get all the opportunities and flight facilities. Using the online website users can check-in online and print the boarding ticket before the journey. There are different schemes and offers available at the time of ticket booking if you are a registered user with the airline website. On flight facilities are superb and you can spend your time availing the airline amenities.

Dial JetBlue customer service number to contact the support experts for instant assistance to travel options. A support professional handles the different flight related aspects expertly and provides instant solutions.