Comprehensive solution to resolve error-Gmail is not receiving emails from wordpress

Speedy solution to fix hiccup-Gmail is not receiving emails from wordpress

When email is unable to receive mails from wordpress, it create hurdle in email experience. To resolve the glitch and eliminate root cause of error, user can seek assistance from expertise and walk on set of instructions that has been described below:-

  • User is required to rapidly check spam folder in gmail
  • User is required to confirm properly that MX entries are set accurately in control panel .
  • It is advisable to set remote mail exchanger to avoid the hiccup of wordpress mail being entrapped in box trapper in jiffy
  • It is advisable to use SMTP provider to commence with email process
  1. Generally it is noticed that wordpress make use of wordpress@yourdomain.comto smoothly send and receive mails
  2. Now user is required to login with wordpress dashboard
  3. Moreover, user is required to install and activate WP mail SMTP plugin in remarkable manner
  4. Moving ahead, user is required to set the form address that is gmail in proper manner. This can be done by single click on web hosting cpanel followed by email account and mail client in cost effective manner
  5. Now user can easily send check mail and check that gmail can receive mails from wordpress in accurate manner
  6. Now gmail user will effectively able to receive wordpress email in swift manner.
  • It is recommended that gmail user should check custom filter in significant manner. It can be simply done by searching and browsing in gmail suite for wordpress and user can check the emails that are not received

If above solutions fails to resolve the error of Gmail not receiving emails, user is required to get in touch with technical expertise to procure outstanding solution 24/7 round the globe in splendid manner. Technical support team is highly proficient to eliminate root cause of hazardous error and render satisfactory solution in couple of moment.