Don't know how to add Virgin Airlines boarding pass to the wallet? Give a read to it:

Virgin Airlines is known as one of the superb American Airlines brand and British travel agencies with its surprising head office in Australia of which headquarter is located at San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as a smaller focus city operation at love field in Dallas. It is the best choice for the passengers for making a plan for traveling. 

Along with this, Virgin Airlines offers a booking service and the option to save your boarding card on your Apple device pretty simply. If you are not able to get the boarding pass easily, contact travel agent from Virgin Airlines customer service where you can get the simple and instant advice to get the boarding pass easily. 

But if you have entered the mobile phone number you can get all the information related to your boarding pass. And through this, check it in online and saving your boarding pass on your phone, you don't need any print-outs at the airport as you have its number.


Here are the ways on how to add Virgin Airlines boarding pass to a wallet: 

  • Go to Virgin Airlines website and click the link to your boarding pass to open on your iPhone device.
  • You can see another window pop-up asking you to add your boarding to your passbook.
  • A simple click and add your boarding pass that will be stored in your passbook. 
  • A message will appear on your mobile phone screen which means your boarding is now stored to board your flight. 

For another journey, you don't have to stick to a mobile phone to check out the boarding passbook message as it is valid for five to ten flight journeys. But if you did not get the message and looking for the information for the message related to the boarding pass then dial Virgin Airlines customer service phone number that is available at every single of time to get the proper advice related to the boarding pass from a travel agent in no time.