How to fix Google Maps not working on car Bluetooth?

You have issues while using the Google Maps phone is connected via Bluetooth. While listening to a radio station, you are not getting voice prompts for the navigation through the car speakers. You are unable to hear both the sounds. You can either get to listen to the radio or the voice prompts. The navigation voice prompt would lower the radio volume automatically. Then it would automatically go back to the normal volume.

Check the connection 

Checking the connection is the first thing you can do if Google maps not responding to car Bluetooth. Maybe the phone by chance disconnected to your vehicles Bluetooth stereo. If so, connect it to listen to Google Maps directions via the stereo.

Reset the volume

  • Tap the volume down
  • Now you need to press the volume up to raise the volume
  • Then again press the volume down
  • The complete process will reset the volume on your phone

Check the Bluetooth device

If you are under such circumstances, you should confirm whether the Bluetooth device is turned on. It will help you in hearing audible directions from the phone.

Update Google Maps

Updating the Google Maps to its latest version is another trusted method of resolving the problem. To do this, you first supposed to open the Google Play application. Find out the newest version of Google Maps app.

Talk to the customer support 

You can’t solve the concerned problem by the methods mentioned above if the cause of the problem is different. In such conditions, dialing the customer support number is the best way for you. Not only the concerned issue; i.e., Google maps not working; it is perhaps the finest way to resolve a problem related to the functionality of Google Maps. Google recruits its technical support engineers after several stages of examinations and trains them by the best training team of the globe.