How to fix Ok Google not working on NVIDIA shield TV?

Are you are facing unwanted difficulties in working with NVIDIA shield TV? Ok Google is the command of voice search to start with; it allows the users to search anything only by saying it. But there are situations when the command doesn’t work correctly on your Android phone. Thousands of users have made this complaint. Be with us for a while if you are a victim and willing to settle down this issue. We have come with a set of solutions. Before we start the set of solutions, we would like to tell about the required software versions.

What are the required software versions for running Ok Google on NVIDIA shield TV?

  1. SHIELD Experience Upgrade 6.0 or higher
  2. Google play service app version 11.5.17 or higher
  3. Firmware version 1.14
  4. SHIELD controller has to be charged to over 30% battery life before the firmware can be updated

Is your microphone dirty?

Is Ok Google not working? Dust on microphone issue is one of the most frequent reasons behind this problem. We suggest you for typing this on your microphone and saying Ok Google. Do this after opening the Google app. You will find the microphone icon bold, without any dotted lines. Clean your microphone with a pin if it is dirty. 

Set the language

  1. Open Go Google on your Android phone
  2. Navigate to the SETTINGS option
  3. Click on LANGUAGE & INPUT
  4. English (US) is the default language in Ok Google
  5. Select your preferred language by replacing the default language

 Is your Google app updated?

Please check whether you are using the latest version of Google app or not. Open Google Play and click on three horizontal lines on the top corner. A menu will appear. Here you will get the MY APPS & GAMES section which is needed to be clicked. All the apps will appear. Find Google and tap Update if there is a new version available if Google Voice Search not working.

Are you running various apps in the background?

You are more likely to face this problem if you are running numerous apps in the background? The concerned feature might not work properly if the apps are creating noise. It is more likely to confuse the microphone. You are suggested to close those apps if you are expecting an error-free performance by the Ok Google.