How do I change my Verizon FiOS Wifi name and password?

Verizon FiOS operates its business by using fiber optics communications and provide internet related service to millions of users across the USA.

There are many users who use its WiFi service and want to provide more security to the digital service by changing the name & password of Wi-Fi.

For this, the user can contact the Verizon live person and obtain the required information to change the credentials.

How to change the WiFi name and Password on My Verizon App?

The user can update the name and password of the WiFi by using this service.

  • Launch the My Verizon App and login to my Verizon account.
  • Select the option of the Internet.
  • Under My Networks, choose Your Wireless network
  • Now the user is required to select the Manage option.
  • For Password - Set up a new WiFi Passcode.

For Name - Set a new WiFi name.

  • In the end, the user needs to save the changes.

How to change the WiFi name and Password on the web-browser?

This process can also compete on the web-browser with these steps.

  • Enter in the address bar of the web-browser.
  • Login to the Verizon account by providing credentials.
  • Visit the settings section and click on Wireless settings.
  • Select basic Security settings option.
  • Enter the new password or name of the Wi-Fi.

How to change the name and Password of WiFi by using the FiOS app?

The user can also amend the name and password of the WiFi connection by using the following process.

  • Open My FiOS app and select the Internet option.
  • In My Network section select Wireless network.
  • Select the Edit option and create a new WiFi password or Name.

Now the user should save the changes to finish the process.

If the user is not able to make any amendment in changing the name or password of the WiFi then he can contact the Verizon customer service live person, and get the required details about the process to change the WiFi credentials.